Our passion

Smart information makes machines more accessible, more quickly.

In mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry, information technology, electronics, medical technology, and the pharmaceutical industry, highly complex machines are built, run, maintained, dismantled or disposed of every single day. In all of these steps, high-quality digital information is extremely important. From documentation through to key service information and finding the right spare part, smart information helps professionals find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

This is where we come in.

Our professional software solutions enhance the potential of technical information, thus giving 360° control over its content; they also serve to increase the profitability of the service business by bringing together various data sources and product information.

Quanos – Passion for smart information!

Who is the Quanos Group?

Software manufacturer, founded in 1995 in Nuremberg. The widely used XML editing system SCHEMA ST4 is part of many well-equipped technical editing departments. With their second product, SCHEMA Content Delivery Server, smart information becomes smartly accessible.

Founded in 1992, software manufacturer for after-sales service solutions. TID Informatik supports companies with the standard catalogue software CATALOGcreator® in the realization of projects for individual spare parts catalogue and service portal solutions.

Founded in 1987, software manufacturer for after-sales service solutions. Docware holds a leading position in the market with its standard software PARTS-PUBLISHER, a modular spare parts catalogue software for parts catalogues and service information systems.

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How to find us

Our passion for smart information provides the daily motivation for our 270 employees who work in software development and on customer projects. For more than 25 years, we have been working with more than 1000 customers to create innovative, successful and sustainable solutions.


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